Pristine and secluded
(Villa access only) beach front

With sand and sitting access available most of the year, *depending on sea level and weather. *Best season in which the water level is low enough to have a sandy beach is from march to september.


Crash Boat Beach or Playa Crash Boat is a beach located in the northwestern Puerto Rican municipality of Aguadilla. It occupies the site of a former military port used to rescue downed air crews from Ramey Air Force Base and still retains some remains of pier infrastructure. The beach is primarily accessed by taking PR-107 to a spur signed, PR-458.

These remains have become a popular location for fishing and for jumping into the clear waters. Crash Boat also has two large sand beach areas for general bathing.
Trip Advisor Review: (May 28, 2013), “ Didn’t know what to expect. Beach is awesome! Fried fish and excellent beach chairs and umbrella service. At a very low price”


Wilderness beach, located in Aguadilla, is one of best beaches for surfing and has one of the longest waves in the Island. Depending on the waves height it is not recommended for beginners. Thanks to a channel (area without waves) to the left, it’s not so difficult to get to the waves. In order to get to this beach you must enter by the street that crosses the Base Ramey golf course, and then you must pass “Las Ruinas” and continue for about 10 more minutes. An all terrain vehicle is recommended.


Gas Chambers is famous for being Puerto Rico’s most notorious right pointbreak barrel. It’s a super hollow, intense wave that breaks right in front of a cliff.