What is a private luxury villa rental?

Truly exclusive! This is the ultimate of all Caribbean vacation rental options and experiences. Only you and your guests reside together at a stunning Caribbean oceanfront estate benefiting from full access to all the features and amenities your luxury villa has to offer.

You are provided with the comfort of knowing who will be with you on your vacation and the advantage of vacationing on Island luxury!

Do I need to speak/understand Spanish?

No, English and Spanish are both the official languages, English is widely spoken in vacationing destinations such as Casa Herdz. It is important to note that Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, so English is spoken throughout the island.

Also, NO passport is required to travel Puerto Rico.

Is a luxury villa rental in Puerto Rico safe for me and my guests?

Yes! By being a US Territory, Puerto Rico is one of the top visited and tourist safe destinations in the Caribbean. As everywhere in the world, if you use common sense, you are unlikely to be a target of any crime. As one of the features of our numerous guest amenities we have supplied personal safes in each guest room and the villa may provide a night watchman if so desired* This person would also be available for the immediate aid of our guests in case any overnight emergency should arise.

and Services

How many guests can Casa Herdz accommodate?

This depends on your group and the accommodation preferences for couples, singles, and children. There are 7 guest rooms; 1 King, 4 Queens and 2 rooms with 2 twins… In addition, the villa is equipped with a bunk bed in the game room, 2 air mattresses, 1 pack and play with mattress and bedding for babies as well as additional inflatable mattresses that are available upon request*. Should additional bedrooms be required, groups of Casa Herdz have the benefit of annexing to another group of adjacent Villa’s, adding availability of up to 6 more bedrooms. 

Is a private luxury villa rental suitable for children? What is available to children at the villa?

Yes, absolutely! Casa Herdz is a family friendly destination. With a pool, beach, pool / beach floats and toys, many board games, X box, Wii, and Playstation with many games, beach activities and movie theater. This is definitely a world class family destination.

Is there access to a telephone?

Yes, for local and US / national calls there is no charge. If you require service to your personal mobile then it is important that you verify with your service provider that you have the proper plan or coverage for our location.

Is there Internet at the villa?

Yes. The villa provides free connectivity to high speed wireless internet. All you need is a wireless connection or an Ethernet cable. Please consult your manual or an IT professional for configuration prior to arrival as no one at the villa is trained in these type of technical support issues.

Can I hold special events at the villa, such as a wedding, anniversary or corporate function?

Definitely! The villa concierge is an experienced coordinator for many kinds of group events, specializing in Island weddings, and can also assist you in finding additional accommodations for your group.

What is the booking policy?

Please refer to our Rental Agreement, Terms & Conditions and Waiver of Landlords Liability.

Are there any other additional costs to consider?

Only your incidentals; expenses associated with additional requests outside of regular and/or all-inclusive packages – special requests, excursions, etc. Otherwise, no hidden fees.

Do you provide any discount for the length of stay or an early booking discount?

Yes, please inquire.

Are towels and amenities available for use during our stay?

Yes, all linens, soap, shampoo, hair conditioner and hair dryers. This is a full service villa, similar to a boutique hotel. Daily room attendants and laundry service are included as well.

and Beverage

Can I drink the water?

At the villa, YES. Casa Herdz has purified, filtered water throughout the villa and in addition, PR water is potable and safe for drinking (same quality as US tap water) When spending the day away from Casa Herdz you may opt to bring a supply of bottled water, which we supply for you. All, really depending on your preference.

How does the meal plan for the All-inclusive package work? Are any sample menus provided?

Prior to arrival, the villa manager reaches out to our guests to plan the details, including menu planning. At the time of planning he/she will request that you let us know of any allergies, dietary restrictions and preferences so we can prepare the shopping in advance.

A sample of our menu options is available upon request and our chef is always open to special requests.

Please explain how alcohol beverages are invoiced?

Access to bar and alcoholic beverages will only be available via selection of the All-inclusive plan.

Are there set meal times with the plan?

Any meal time arrangement is fine with us, (between 8AM to 8PM) set to the preference of your group. Please note this option is only available via selection of the All – inclusive plan.

Why is Casa Herdz a Caribbean luxury villa vacation rental?

According to our guests, for many great reasons; excellent customer service, top guest experience, private beach location, gorgeous and dramatic oceanfront infinity swimming pool with seating platforms and wireless Internet throughout the entire villa, villa entertainment including video games, movie theater , large LCD screen TV’s with Blue Ray player and Apple TV in every room., Indoor/outdoor quality surround sound, and a unique cliff edge hot tub. Some of the other great reasons you have to experience for yourself. Via selection of the All-Inclusive package our guests also have access to excellent staff, a world class chef that will prepare outstanding meals every day, premium stocked bars with bartender / server that will cater to your every need.

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